User Reviews To Help You Choose The Best Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews Help You Find The Best Radar Detector

Radar Detector ReviewsSome people feel that those who use radar detectors plan to intentionally exceed the speed limit. But, I will say to those that issuing speeding tickets is a big business and you must find a way to supplement your brain and vision for those unforeseen moments. Over a billion dollars annually flow into local and state municipalities for people going a few miles over the speed limits.

The damage of the average speeding ticket is $800, which includes fines, lost work time going to court and traffic schools, plus insurance hikes that will haunt you for the next 3-5 years. To avoid these circumstances, research radar detector reviews for an unit that will give you that 5 to 10 seconds to reduce your speed.

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Which Radar Detector To Buy?

Which radar detector should you get? Before you become a statistic for the over 15 million people caught over the limit annually, let’s  look for  radar detector reviews from actual customers. We must find the unit that gets us to our destination and prevents us from getting speeding tickets and incurring a raise in your insurance rates.

The confusion begins with the different types of radar detectors. With so many manufactures and models, how do I know what type I need?  To choose which is the best radar detector for you, consider the size, weight, price, appearance, and features.

Our Top Picks

Depending on the radar detector reviews you read, there will be a variety of different answers. Features to look at include price, performance, and display. Consensus will demonstrate that the top radar detectors are manufactured by Escort, Beltronics, and Valentine Research. Here are our top picks:

Escort Passport 8500 X50 – Buy From Amazon

This is one of the best units on the market  today in terms of range and response time to police radar. The  Escort Passport 8500 X50 does a great job of eliminating false alarms. It’s very easy to use out the box and has the Instant-On radar detection. Performs very well  to picking up distant signals.

Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector – Beltronics RX65 Radar DetectorBeltronics RX65

The Beltronics RX65 is considered the top radar detector in the under $300 price range when researching radar detector reviews. It has great range, which provides plenty of time to slow down before the cops see you. Cloak proof technology that hides your radar detector from police detection. The AutoScan feature eliminates false alarms without reducing detection settings. Definitely worth the money.
Valentine One Radar Detector – Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine OneThe Valentine One has demonstrated that it is a top performer in the radar detector industry. Its reliability and proven track has been around for almost 20 years now. The patented warning system uses 2 antennas to provide the best protection. With excellent laser detection, the V1 constantly tests as one of the top ranked radar detectors.

Other radar detectors worth looking at are the Whistler XTR-695 and Cobra XRS-9345. These aren’t better, but people swear by them and the cheaper price they paid. That being said, you get what you pay for. Though we don’t have to pay $500 to get a quality radar detector, we don’t want to be exposed because you went for the $29.99 unit. I find that the better units will be in a price range between $200 – $300.

Are Radar Detectors Legal In My State?

Using a radar detector in a passenger vehicle in the United States is legal in all states except for Virginia and Washington D.C. You must also power off the device while on military bases. To counter that, they are illegal in commercial vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds. Where radar detectors are not allowed, law enforcement will use a gadget called a Spectre. This is utilized to detect the presence of a radar detector in your car or truck.

Types Of Radar Detectors

Although  radar detectors may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it mainly comes down to the following categories: cordless, corded, and remote.

Cordless detectors have gained in popularity mainly because people just don’t like dangling cords. What you gain in look appeal, you lose in range cordless has been to have less range and sensitivity as compared to the corded. The Escort Solo S2 stands apart here as the most dependable best radar detector in this category. The negative here is that you have to keep the battery charged and the unit shuts off for milliseconds to stay powered.

Corded detectors are the most popular as they are easy to install and are ready for use by being plugged into the cigarette lighter. They will protect you better from unseen speed traps because you have the ability to detect all the bands. You get constant monitoring as these units don’t need to power off.

Remote radar detectors are called that because of how they are mounted with the intention of bot being seen. They serve a dual purpose: to be inconspicuous to police and potential thieves. The cost can add up here as being permanently mounted and concealed gets expensive.

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When choosing a radar detector, the more frequencies and bands it has, the better for you being able to keep your money instead of paying a speeding ticket. No unit is foolproof and guarantees you want get caught by a clever hiding place for a speed trap. Do you due diligence with radar detector reviews and spend more time on the road than on the side of it.


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